It’s official: we’ve found the cheesiest cracker joke in the land! Our nationwide search for the best cheese-themed, cracker-worthy gag attracted almost 200 entries from across the UK.

Head cheesemaker Rory Stone ‘Caerphilly’ presided over the judging, declaring a winner that stood out from the ‘crowdie’.

Mandy Hallam scored the top prize by submitting this pop-culture fuelled pun:


“What is Jay-Z’s favourite cheese? Brie-oncé!”


She has won herself a box of delicious Highland Fine Cheeses products in time for Christmas.

Taking off his Bah Humbug hat for just a moment to appreciate the jokes, Rory said: “With so many ‘grate’ jokes sent it, it was a tough job to pick the winners – we were getting entries submitted right down to the ‘cheese wire’.

“Mandy’s joke had me cracking a big grin. If there’s one thing I love in life – other than cheese, of course – it’s a terrific pun.”

Mandy beat off competition from almost 200 other jokers, who all submitted their entries on social media. Other shortlisted jokes that didn’t quite make the cut included:

  • “Does smoked cheese grow on trees? No, but an Applewood!” submitted by Marie McIntyre.
  • “What cheese do cyclists carry? Paneer!” submitted by James Dean.
  • “I was up to my knees in cheese spread. That’s the last time I walk the streets of Philadelphia!” submitted by Giby Meechan.
  • “Studies show cows produce better milk (and, in turn, better cheese) when the farmer talks to them. It’s a case of in one ear, out the udder!” submitted by Martin Mac.

Of course, if you missed out on the top prize, you can pick up our cheeses in many fine establishments across the country – visit our stockists page for more information.