“Tain has always been a major hub for the popular arts, musicians from across the globe have always found refuge within in which to distil and refine their talents. The vibrancy of our rock culture and availability of arena venues has made it the Mecca for ………………………… hang on a minute – this is Tain!

There are some wonderful musicians within Easter Ross, however….

So why on earth did KT Tunstall find herself wandering around the ripening rooms of Highland Fine Cheeses and then performing an impromptu Sunday afternoon gig in front of some fairly bemused shoppers in Lidl?
Well I suppose the clue is “Lidl Live”, part a celebration of the companies 100th store opening in Scotland, partly an educational tour with KT visiting suppliers, local schools and hosting cooking demonstrations as well as raising funds for STV’s Children’s Appeal to help children and young people living in poverty. The main event was a brilliant concert at the Strathpeffer Spa on the following Monday evening where she was joined on stage by local folk singer, Julie Fowlis.

We had a lot of fun showing KT and her three piece band around the dairy on the Sunday; They were totally in to learning about how the products are produced, the sustainability of dairy farming in the Highlands and the history of traditional Scottish, artisan, food production.

So there, I know a Rock star, and she’s amazing.”

– Rory Stone, Top Cheesemaker.